Wedding planning tools

Tell us your plans

We use a Venue Planning Tool and a ceremony only Venue Planning Tool to help keep track of your wedding day logistics.

These forms let you tell us about your venue setup and catering details to ensure the logistics are in place for your special day.

Your wedding planner should help you complete the form to ensure all details are included. Save the PDF form, and email it to us (eventrequests [at] 45 days before your wedding date.

Our recommended suppliers

Need a great photographer? How about a baker who can craft the perfect cake? Or a florist who creates the floral arrangements of your dreams? And what about musicians to accompany your ceremony or deejays to keep the dance floor going?

We encourage you to contact our local suppliers. These professionals are familiar with our location and can make your special day memorable.

Wedding package timelines

Need a sense of how your wedding day will unfold? From the moment your caterers and decorators arrive, to your wedding party's arrival, and from ceremony to reception and beyond, we've mapped it out.

Classic Hatley Castle Wedding package

Classic Hatley Castle and Quarterdeck combination package

Quarterdeck reception package