Rose garden

The world's favourite flower

Step into the Hatley Park rose garden in June and delight in the fragrance and colours of the world’s favourite flower.

Based on a plan by Brett and Hall Landscape Architects, the rose garden includes pathways in concentric rings surrounding a sundial.

The roses

Climbing and rambling roses adorn a pergola on the perimeter.

Among the climbing roses, you'll find Étoile de Hollande, with deep crimson blooms; Narrow Water, a Musk rose whose garlands of fragrant flowers drape the pergola; and Veilchenblau, a small mauve-purple rose that weaves in around a silvery Cardoon.

David Austin roses make up most of the central beds. They are bred for the form and fragrance of old roses (those found in Europe before the late 18th century), with qualities of the modern rose.

Only one rose remains that was part of the original garden plan, the American Pillar, a hardy, deep-pink rambler.

The outer beds carry old and musk roses with their heavy scent and lush, romantic petals.